Coaching Eligibility Requirements

  1. All coaches must complete the required documents/services in order for their eligibility to be considered by the BSAA Voting Members.
    1. Fill out and complete BSAA coaching application, found on 
    2. USA Football membership, found on (football coaches only).
    3. Criminal and Childline clearances
  2. All completed documents and proof of Criminal and Childline clearances must be returned by the end of March to the for review by the VM’s.
    1. Coaches must obtain VM approval prior to being eligible to coach in the BSAA.  
  3. All coaches who submitted the necessary paperwork to the Secretary via may be approved for participation.
  4. All head coaches must approve any coaches on their staff and have the right to decline any coach who they feel is not compatible of themselves and/or their staff.
  5. Anyone who has been convicted of a felony in the past three years will not be considered for a coaching position.
  6. Anyone convicted of a drug or alcohol related offense in the last twelve months will not be considered for a coaching position.
  7. Anyone convicted of the above mentioned offenses during their tenure will be immediately relieved of their coaching responsibilities.
  8. Anyone charged with an above mentioned offense will be suspended immediately until the final outcome is determined. It is the responsibility of the coach to inform the EB of any prior or pending charges.